Magazine (Issue December 2019)

News & Events

Sydney Festival Australie

PUSH International Performing Arts Festival, Vancouver, BC

Singapore Fringe Festival M1

TPAM Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama, Japan

Hong Kong Arts Festival

Adelaide Fringe Festival, Australia

Mutek Canada Tokyo

CAPA Association of Performing Arts Market, China

Womadelaide Festival Australia

PY1 Trough Echoes / Lune Rouge Entertainment

Moment Factory Canada Japon

Le Diamant / Robert Lepage


Arts Network Canada Asia Pacific


Hong Kong International Film & TV Market (Filmart)

BanffMountain Film Festival World Tour

Olympic Japan Cultural Projects 2020

Tokyo Tokyo Festival

Festival Fantasia

Behind the Scene


Elektra Canada

Massivart Chromatic Festival Canada


Xiqu Centre Hong Kong

Xinghai Concert Hall Guangzhou

Daejeon Arts Center Daejean

Zhihai Opera House China

Harbin Grand Theatre China

National Koohsiung China

Guangzhou Opera House

Cultural Centre Philipines Mania

Suzhou Culture and Arts Centre Suzhou

Hebin Theatre Performing Arts Center

Yong Liping Performing Arts Center China

Guangx Cultural and Arts Center China

Tokyo Metropolitain Theatre

Taipei Performing Arts Centre

National Centre Performing Arts Mumbai

The Star Performing Arts Singapore

Esplanade Theatre’s on the bay Singapore

Istana Budaya Kuala Lumpur

Sydney Opera House Australia

City of Casey Bunjil Place Victoria Australia

Hota Home of the Arts Gold Coast Australia


Hong Kong – Tokyo – Shanghai – Singapore – Auckland – Toronto

Macao – Seoul – Beijing – Melbourne – Vancouver – Montreal


International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies ( IFACCA)

Association of Asia Pacific Performing Arts Centres

Asia Pacific Performing Arts Network

Performing Arts Network Japan

Performing Lines Australia

CAPA Association of Performing Arts China

Asia Dance Network

Arts Network Asia

ARTWAVE Taiwan International Arts Network

Federation for Asian Cultural Promotion (FACP)


Canada Council for the Arts

Canadian Heritage

Asef Culture 360


Mobility Funding Guides – Artists- Cultural Professional Asea Region

International Resource Centre for Performing Artist (IRCPA)

Hong Kong Performing Arts and Visual Arts Directories